Employee Financial Wellness, making payday a good day

Wednesday, April 13 2022
11:00am - 12:00pm

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Employee wellness has become a key component to many Human Resource departments to engage, enrich, and retain employees. Employee stress is a major wellness consideration and according to a recent report, over 70% of employees feel their paycheck does not meet their financial goals.

Many companies have an automated system in place to help employees save for retirement through systematic contributions withheld from the employees’ paycheck. Many also offer health insurance and withhold the employee portion of the premium from each paycheck. Why do companies do this? To make sure these very important bills are always paid. The employee doesn’t have to worry about making a health insurance payment or write a check for retirement contributions every single month.

This presentation will focus on strategies to help your employees identify all important bills their paycheck needs to cover and identify options for those bills like a housing payment to be paid as automatically and regularly as health insurance premiums.

Employees who are engaged with their own personal finances are more likely to budget each paycheck, pay bills on-time and save for emergencies, making them much more likely to be engaged and focused on their work.

Employees in this position are more likely to report satisfaction with their paycheck and are less likely to look for employment with higher wages elsewhere to solve financial problems.

Learning Outcomes

  • Overview and understanding of financial wellness, and what that means to an employee.
  • Develop strategies to engage employees in their own financial wellness.
  • Learn how to provide avenues to help employees pay all important bills on-time.
  • Find ways to help employees manage each paycheck successfully.
  • Reduce turnover by improving paycheck satisfaction.


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