Learn & Lean

Aligning Your Workforce and Culture

Friday, May 05 2023
3:30pm - 5:30pm

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Where: Beeches Golf Club, South Haven


Develop and manage workplace practices that are aligned with the organization’s statements of vision, values, and ethics to shape and reinforce organizational culture HR plays a vital role in upholding a company’s vision, shaping and reinforcing its culture. To do this successfully, HR leaders must create programs to support these endeavors. An organization’s culture must be fostered internally through these programs and practices in order for the workforce to truly embody the culture, otherwise, it’s bound to seep out and can impact not only the internal workforce, but the organization’s ability to hire top quality candidates in a world where employee reviews can be found on the internet by potential candidates. In this session, learn how HR leaders can develop programs, such as internal engagement programs, surveys, organizational culture-related policies and more in order to align the workforce with the organization’s vision, values and ethics to foster and reinforce its culture.

During this session, you will:

  • Learn about engagement programs to foster positive employee interaction, build culture, and provide employee opportunities to carry out the organization’s values and beliefs.
  • Understand how to leverage HR programs and systems to measure employee perceptions, gather feedback, and benchmark your findings to ensure programs are reflecting the anticipated vision and culture organization wide.
  • Discuss how to design and manage corresponding compensation programs that promote the organization’s values
  • Review and recommend community involvement projects that are in alignment with your organization’s culture

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